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Trading Tools

12Trader Trading Tools

A smart trader is the one who takes advantage of the trading tools that we provide as these will enable clients to trade in a suitable environment that allows them to generate profit. Trading tools are many, and each is of great importance which makes them indispensable once utilized.  At ‘12Trader’ we provide you with a selected group of the best trading tools that covers all aspects of trading and that are essential in allowing a trader to be able to trade  with confidence and be aware of all that is happening in the markets in real time.

Any trader who wants to maximize the benefits of all the resources provided to him will need to start all deals at the right time and, as he becomes more experienced, he will need to develop the ability to maximize  his usage of the tools so that he can make the best decisions when it comes to buying and selling.

Importance of trading tools

We are sure that every piece of trading-related information that we provide to our clients will be significant and valuable in decision making, these pieces of information will be available at the most vital moments.

We should also take into consideration the fact that each trader has to understand the trading technologies and trading tools and should be aware of how to maximize the benefits which are available to them. Each and every client will have access to an easy-to-use platform that showcases prices in actual time and allows the ability to fully control the platform in closing and opening deals, which can be done through a single click. Each trader will also find many trading tools on the platform available on a permanent basis throughout trading along with special technical support that keeps traders in touch with those who can provide meaningful assistance. This includes a personal account manager.

What are the trading tools that ‘12Trader’ provide

The trading tools that ‘12Trader’ provides to its clients includes:

  • Controlling trade adjusting transactions, whether by closing them or by using stop-loss order and profit-taking order.
  • Text messages that would send you timely information regarding changes or any new data on global markets.
  • Daily outlooks for markets
  • Highly accurate charts that enables the trader to technically analyze it with precision and easiness
  • Live news and real time happenings in the markets
  • Table of exchange rates that contains a large number of currencies next to silver and gold with direct and actual prices
  • Table of interest rates that provides you with insight on interest rates which are seen as a major engine that fuels the foreign currency prices

The trader must know how to benefit from the tools

No matter how accurate the trading tools are or how technically-advanced they are, it would all be useless if the trader doesn’t completely understand how to utilize them. Of course, assistance will also be available from experts who have the ability to provide complete information to every trader.