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Electronic Trading Guide

Electronic trading refers to the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, currencies, metals, and large numbers of financial instruments over the Internet. The people who carry out trading, known as  traders, and trading is done through a Forex company site such as 12 Trader. A Forex company can only operate after the issuance of permits from the regulatory bodies who govern the work of Forex brokers, and allow such companies to operate electronic trading, and then provide services to its customers. This is done after an electronic contract between the company and Forex, and between the client or trader has been finalized.

Electronic trading features

Electronic trading has a large number of various features. Some of them  include:

  • The possibility of trade execution and management of all transactions, at any time and any place.
  • The possibility of developing special orders to stop losses or profit making, through the opening of the transaction, or by selecting a specific time in order to activate the order, after the price reaches a certain level.
  • Instantaneous evaluation of the account, including disclosure of the remaining funds in the account, what has been gained and the lost from making deals.
  • You can change any transactions, and any orders at any moment.
  • You can buy a pair or commodity, while selling at the same time, without the two instances conflicting with one another.
  • Low costs for regular trading, means low commissions, as well as saving a lot of effort, because the trading is done anywhere, provided internet service present.

Difficulties that you might face in electronic trading

There are some difficulties that a trader can face, but these are easy to avoid. These include:

  • Trading without any prior experience. Here it would be necessary to use your account manager, who is appointed to you by the Forex company, and you can trade, accompanied by this expert, who has extensive experience with Forex markets.
  • Lacking ability to maneuver around the internet. Basic knowledge of internet use  will help a trader easily deal with everything related to it.
  • Rushing to make deals, without studying each transaction prior to their implementation. A so-called technical analysis and fundamental analysis before implementation will master these two types of analysis, which allows decision to be made without any errors.
  • Interruption of internet access. This also has a solution, as there are devices that can work without the internet for two hours. You can also make use of stop-loss order, and profit-taking order, thus your capital would be protected against any occurrence of any fluctuations or changes that were not taken into account.

Trading requires an electronic trading guide

Trading requires an electronic trading guide, that will allow the trader to be able to know everything he wants to know, including important information that will help him in trading. The trader must know that everything we do is in his best interest, and is aimed at allowing him to achieve his goals. All of this can only be reached with our honest assistance. We also aspire to provide every trader who works through us ,with all kinds of aid through which he can find everything he wants. This, however, must be based on the desire of the trader to help himself first. The trader guide will tell the trader everything he needs to know about electronic trading, and he must take advantage of this