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Trade Stocks

Trade Stocks with 12 Trader

You can trade stocks through the products that 12 Trader provides you with. There is someone who is working on trading stocks as a reference to what is happening in the growth of several sectors in the markets, and comparing them with the special strategy that the trader relies on. Overall, the stock indicator measures the value of different sectors included in the stock market. The dependency is related to how these sectors are connected to one another, and the calculations are done according to the selected average stock expectation.

There are indicators that have a number of sections, such as Standard and Forbes 500, whose sections can be modified, depending on their importance.

Trade stocks with 12 Trader

We provide you with a daily analysis of all the information circulating in the stock markets, as well as the different stock indicators. You can also trade stocks using the help of  special financial leverage that lets you increase your capital so that you can trade freely, and precisely.

The quick implementation of the special price differences will only be found with 12 Trader. We also provide you with trading platforms that have the highest degree of precision, ease, and excellence, along with several helpful features that you will find while trading stocks with us.

Examples on stock trading

Stock trading might be a vague market and an investment sector that most beginner traders are unaware of. We will try to simplify the method of stock trading in a way that allows you to be introduced to good and distinctive investments in stock trading, and will let you know how much capital you need in order to start trades.

Firstly, let's simplify the work mechanism by giving an example of how to buy 5 lot in the Standard and Borz 500 indicator at a time when the market price is $1400. Therefore, the value of the trade in dollars is 5 contracts multiplied by $1400 which is equal to $7000. By this, the value of the margin requirements is 1% with a financial leverage of 1:100. You therefore need 70 dollars in your account in order to start a trade.

Another example is the NASDAQ indicator. Let’s say, for example, that the stock market price is $2640. We would calculate it following the same principle as before by multiplying 0.5 by 2640 which is equal to $1320. According to the 1:100 financial leverage, the margin requirements are 1% meaning that you need $13.2 in order to start the trade.

What are the stock market indicators?

There is a large number of stock market indicators that we provide you with that will assist you with your trade, including;

British indicator FTSE 100, American indicator NASDAQ 100, German indicator DAX, American indicator S&P 500, French indicator CAC 40, Spanish indicator IBEX 35, Swedish indicator OMX Stockholm 30, Swedish indicator Swiss Market, Italian indicator FTSE MIB, Australian indicator S&P/ASX and other indicators that you can trade on and find a good investment in.