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12Trader Partnership Porgram 

Partnership Program

If you want to have an extra income source, and are searching for a worthwhile opportunity that will enable you to achieve a lot of profits without any risks in trading, we offer you the opportunity to make you our partner. With 12 Trader, you will have several features that are available in a very special partnership program, that was initially established in order to benefit both parties, and benefit companies that are searching for new clients to join their extensive list of clients. We want you to benefit from this valuable opportunity,especially if you are interested in becoming an advertising agent for us over the internet. You could also join if you are a recommendation supplier, trade learning provider, expert in financial markets, financial advisor, owner of a forum, or even owner of an advertisement site.

More precisely, all that is needed from you, is for you to have some level of partnership with the Forex market and to be able to identify Forex clients that are searching for a company to trade with, who have the credibility that we have.

Your Success Is Guaranteed

We will help you succeed so that each client is completely satisfied. In addition, you will have an easy-to-use system at your disposal.

In short, we are working to guarantee your success, as well as  to obtain the trust of our clients. We realize that your success is success for the company, and that’s why, with this offer, we will provide you with lowered margins that will impress your clients.