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12Trader Mobile

Mobile Platform to Keep You Touch With The Market Wherever You Are

For our clients who want to keep an eye on the market continuously, we offer you the best technology, and a high-quality mobile platform that can keep you updated on everything that is happening in the market. This platform is available on Android and iOS=based smartphones.

When we decided to introduce this platform, our main goal was to provide you with everything that you need to always stay in the market. No matter where you are, we aim to help you succeed, as well as to offer you everything that can help you get your maximum concentration during trading.

All that is required is internet connection, and to observe all the deals and live market movements. You can work on opening or closing the deals just the click of a button.

With our smart platform, you don’t have to worry about your deals becoming affected by fluctuations in the market, since you will have a great opportunity to stay in the market for 24 hours,  five days a week, and will receive live news. In short, we will bring the market to you, enabling you to use it however you wish.

Once you begin working with us, you will be working with people who care about you and your money, and who will help you keep your earnings, which will constantly increase with more and more techniques that we’ll teach you.

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