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Market Analysis

A large number of traders find difficulty in correctly analyzing the market. This is something that made us at 12 Trader unique, in that we provide all of our clients with everything they need to help them able to correctly analyze all that is happening in the market. In addition, we also provide daily analyses. We must point out the fact that a trader has to perform his own analysis, and then compare it with ours. This way, a trader will benefit from all aspects of our analysis.

We provide all sorts of analysis, such as basic analysis for all the economic data that is expected to be released daily, with a comprehensive and extensive overview that’s provided by a group of the most skilled Forex experts in the world.

Then comes the technical analysis, which is done by a group of 12 Trader Forex experts, who are constantly engaged with the global markets. This is based on primary pairs that have a large volume of trading, along with other pairs that traders like to trade on daily. At the end of the analysis, comes a recommendation on the pair next to the subsidies and resistors that the price can reach.

Analyzing the market is very necessary

Market analysis is indispensable, because it is necessary in order to know the direction in which the market is going, and by knowing this, you can easily make deals, and profit from those markets. However, in the case of lacking daily analysis, trading becomes almost random, because even if you gained a deal, you will not win the second one. Forex is a science, not gambling, so you must always be attentive.

Analysis is made more accurate in determining what is expected to happen within the market, whether it be in terms of a decline or rise. With said analysis, the trader therefore has a better opportunity to understand the market and thus will be able to achieve the maximum amount of profits that can be achieved. Also, when the trader conducts analysis, he is able to develop insight, experience, understanding, and awareness of the market. Any person who conducts a follow up analysis of markets over the course of a year, for example, is less likely to make a mistake as, at this stage, he understands the market so well, that trading for him is plain and simple.

There is no preference for any type of market analysis

Some traders look at one type of analysis as the best, and so tend to disregard the rest, which is the wrong approach. Every type of analysis that we have already discussed, has its own benefits, but there is a type of analysis that many people might disregard, and that is mental analysis; the analysis of a trader that pertains to what is occurring in the minds of the decision-makers in monetary policy in major economies. These decisions have a large impact on the market’s movements and prices. Therefore, every trader must analyze every item of resolutions or statements, and try to read between the lines. The trader must also analyze his personality in trading, in order to see if there are any particular shortcomings in his character that can affect his trading results.

All kinds of market analysis are important, and should be recognized as such. There is nothing in the Forex market that is not crucial. Everything, no matter how small,  is of great significance