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Forex Education

Learning Forex With 12Trader

The forex educational program at 12Trader is intended to help you understand how to invest in the CFDs (Contract For Difference) market. Our sessions will focus on building a proper understanding of the terminology in forex, focus on how to make it the optimal investment, and explain the risks involved.

The best way to approach a highly lucrative market like ForEx is to understand how to invest your capital in the safest and shrewdest manner. We will teach you how to properly manage your capital and build a risk averse strategy, all the while reaping the benefits of our educational program. 

Forex Education Is The Beginning Of A Successful Investment

The quality of our education stems from the years of experience which our brokers had in the market. Our first hand experience gives us the advantage to teach novice traders how to approach the market in the safest, smartest way possible. 12Trader's exemplary academy consits of hand picked brokers whose main aim is to udnderstand our traders' needs, to customize an approach unique to each client. 

 We, at 12Trader, take the time to teach our clients to invest on the market with a tactic and understanding that objectivity is key. It is crucial to understand that the CFDs market, like any other investment, requires a studied tactic and it all begins with baby steps. We will be concerned with teaching you the building blocks of a successful investment, and how to take your first steps in the right direction. Our team of financial and market analysts has dedicated their time to assist you in your first steps in the market. 

Teaching Forex In A Simplified Manner

ForEx could appear as a very complicated mathmetical algorithm to a new investor. However, it is nothing but a market whose main focus is on the price range of assets, and the direct impact of supply and demand on these values. It is very crucial to remember that the main notion of investing on this market is the trend of the asset, and to follow it at all times. The ForEx market generates a solid volume of 4 trillion USD daily, thus creating an endless pool of potential if approached properly. 

Before approaching the market with any misguided conceptions, we will simplify to the investor the methods of trading and the best way to attain any relevant information for CFDs trading tactics and strategies.  

We Provide The Best Ways To Learn Forex

Our goal with the investor in the market is one: target the highest potential trades to create a revenue that will be divided as profit and commission. Therefor, it is our personal mission to educate the client in all of the possible methods to trade in the market. Our team of highly dedicated professionals is able to communicate and teach through different mediums to make sure our clients are getting the assistance they deserve. An appointed senior analyst hosts a monthly webinar on technical and fundamental analysis, and there is the option to request more direct help through our excellent one-on-one phone sessions.