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Forex is a foreign currency trade market, and it trades on global currencies, metals, such as gold and silver, oil, as well as goods.

The first trades in this market were in 1971, after the transitions from fixed prices to the exchanges in variable rates started in the global market. It wasn’t long before Forex became one of the most important financial markets in the world. This was due primarily to the large amounts of money, estimated at about 4 trillion USD daily, and the large size of the market.

Forex market features

Forex is special, because it is full of features that increase its strength and importance. This makes a lot of people want to work and trade in this market. Its features are:

  • Working hours are around the clock, 5 days of the week, from Monday to Friday, which means non-stop trading is available, anytime you want.
  • There is a large amount of trading in the market, which will make it easy when trading on major currencies, especially in the period of the opening of its own stock exchanges. You will find fluidity on the Euro, and the Australian Dollar in the European session, as well as see a lot of fluidity on the Japanese Yen, and the Australian Dollar, New Zealand in the period of the Asian session, and the same goes for the US Dollar in the period of the US.
  • You can gain profits whether the price  becomes higher or lower, because trading is about selling and buying currencies between individuals.
  • The financial uplifting that makes you, the broker, gain profits even if your fund is small, and can't afford a large fund, because investing with Forex is different.
  • The various tools that can help you determine the risk percentage, and help minimize it.
  • Clarity is an important feature in Forex, as the prices are always changing.

Forex And Exchange Rate

Forex plays a major role in determining the exchange rates of global currencies, as the exchange rate is a currency's value against another currency. In the Forex market, trading is basically done by buying a currency, thereby raising its value, or by selling a currency, which decreases its value. The exchange rate is fixed by the interaction of traders who are involved in determining the global currency exchange rate.

Who Are The Investors In The Forex Market

There are a number of main investors in the Forex market, which include:

  • Central banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Commercial companies
  • Reserve funds
  • Individuals
  • Investors

All of these entities have important roles in the Forex market, and each of them has a reason to enter and stay in it.

Some of those reasons include:

  • Gaining profits through trading currencies, which is also called speculation, and investment fluctuations that always occur in exchange rates.
  • Offering protection from currency fluctuations, which occur naturally when trading goods and services, known as enclosure.

After the tremendous development of technology, everyone can trade in the Forex market wherever they are, follow all the Forex news, and all of the updates in the market.

Trading became so easy, that it became so popular between pampered investors of Forex market