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Frequently asked questions

These are the common questions asked by the traders, especially when approaching a Forex company for the first time. Here we provide answers to questions that are frequently asked.

How to start working with ‘12Trader’?

Before you start anything, you must first read the client’s contract well to ensure that you approve of its terms. You will then be required to upload your documents, following which your identity and your place of residence will be verified and approved. Afterwards, you can begin downloading the trading platform and then fund your account according to the plan that you desire. You will then be able to start trading without any difficulty.

Do I need to sign any documents before starting trade?

You cannot open a trading account without reading and agreeing to the client’s contract. You will then begin with account creation procedures and, by clicking on the approval button, you will be consenting to all the terms of the contract. You will be accepting all rights and obligations stipulated in the agreement. There will be no need for clients to sign a paper copy. Also note that you will only be allowed to withdrawal profits after you upload the documents that confirm your identity. This will need to be approved by the company's management.

What is the regulatory body that ‘12Trader’ follows?

The company is subject to supervision from the strictest regulatory bodies, along with other serious companies in the Forex field. It was possible for the company to choose a less strict supervisory body, but, because we wanted to offer all that is useful and we are confident in ourselves and the way that we work, we selected a more stringent regulatory body. This has allowed our company’s name to be linked with trust and credibility.

How does ‘12Trader’ achieve profits?

The company wins when the client wins, and so profits increase when the clients’ profits are increasing. Achieving profits is done through price differences, spread or the few commissions which we take in exchange for the products, services and support that we offer in Forex, stocks and futures trading.

Can I lose more than I deposit?
Of course not. You will never lose more than the amount of money that you have deposited. You will not have debts. You should however heed the advice that the companies’ experts provide to you. Chances are that you will never have to face this situation as you should never reach the point of losing all your capital. However, should all the money in your account be depleted, all trades will be automatically closed. This means that you can never lose more than you have deposited.

When can I start trading?

Once you begin to deposit money in your account and fill in your information, you can start trading immediately without any delay. It is best however to complete training and fully understand all the risks that you might encounter in the Forex market.

What is the maximim deposit amount for online trading with 12Trader?

The maximum amount to open a 12Trader account is 10000$

What is the minimum deposit amount for online trading with 12Trader?

The minimum amount to open a 12Trader account is 500$.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount for online trading with 12Trader?

The maximum withdrawal amount on 12Trader account is 10000$

What is the minimum withdrawal amount for online trading with 12Trader?

The minimum withdrawal amount on 12Trader account is 500$.

What is the card limits activity per 12Trader account?

The card activuty limits per 12Trader Account as follows:

  • 1 card per account 
  • 10 transactions per card
  • $10k max amount per card.