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About US

Who We Are

12 Trader is a group of the world’s best global financial market experts, who have come together in order to provide you with the best services available in Forex trading, stocks and contracts. With 12 Trader, you will be able to trade with experts, and not only gain valuable experience in the field, but also receive helpful assistance.

With the start of every new day in the Forex market, we aim to deliver the best services to our valued clients, all of whom we are honored to serve. Through our services and support, we enable our customers to make appropriate decisions for themselves, as they focus on maximizing their profits in the Forex trading environment.

Credibility and transparency are two of the key principles that we cultivate, as we continue on a path of growth and development. Because of our commitment to these principles, we are recognized as one of the best and largest Forex companies in the world, and this is something that we take great pride in.

Why You Should Choose Us ?

The answer to this is simple: 12 Trader is a company that not only offers its customers a wide range of products and services that are centered around the exciting world of trading, but we are also a company that offers the latest and most innovative technologies to our clients. In addition, have an excellent and knowledgeable customer service team who will be able to provide customers with meaningful assistance at all times. In short, we offer everything to ensure that the client is trading in the most optimal environment, and is able to concentrate their efforts on making profits.

We use state-of-art technology in our trading platforms, while continuing to develop our tools, so that they are always of the highest possible standards. To enable our customers to always be at the top of their game, we provide reliable 24-hour technical support, five days a week.

Our business philosophy is based on the very important principle, that when our client wins, our company also wins. This is what makes us determined and capable of providing all the necessary forms of assistance to our clients, all of whom, judging by their loyalty, is something that they deeply appreciate.

Safe Side Trading LTD Office address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre Kingstown  1510 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines