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About The Company

12 Trader was established in order to provide the best possible service to Forex traders. Since our inception, we have been rated one of the top companies in the Forex sector and along with our ability to keep our customers satisfied with our services, we have also been able to treat each customer's queries with the attention and thoroughness required, thus making our customers able to outperform others in trading.

‘12 Trader’ – A Company That Stands For Its Traders

12 Trader is not the type of company that seeks to create a barrier between themselves and their clients. Instead, our company is always seeking to fulfill the needs of our clients, and to provide guidance. It is our responsibility to support our clients, and work with them side by side so that everybody wins.  Gaining profits will only be fulfilling if the client realizes that he is dealing with a company that has clear objectives.

Company Goals

The company has developed a number of goals that have allowed it to become a pioneer in providing excellent Forex services to its clients. Our aim is to provide excellent services that include all the necessary features, and allows clients to trade in a relaxed and well-suited  environment.